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About Us

Sūmatoo was founded in 2016 with the intention of encouraging young girls to love themselves, discover their potential, and realize that the sky is the limit. We want to give girls a fun and fashionable way to express themselves. Our Sūmatoo pieces are layering pieces that can be mixed and matched to create new looks. We are more than a brand, we are a movement!! Join the movement!!

Who is the Sūmatoo Girl?

She is smart, she loves school, and loves to read. She is an athlete. She is an artist. She may be a girly girl but, she isn't afraid to get down and dirty. She can go from sweats and sneakers to a dress and shoes in a heartbeat. Her fashion sense is classy with an edge. She is a sweetheart with a little bit of sass! 

What on earth is a Sumatoo, you ask?

A sumatoo is actually fruit from South America, specifically Guyana. It is in the same fruit family as a passion fruit. At first bite it is sweet, then you taste a sour tang, before it gets sweet again. Just like our Sūmatoo Girl, sweet with a little bit of sass!!!

What is the "I Am Sūmatoo" movement?

Sūmatoo is not just a brand, it's a movement. A matter of fact, it's just who you are. If our Sūmatoo Girl description sounds like you, then you are a Sūmatoo. You embody what we are about. You aren't afraid to be yourself and stand out in a crowd. You have your own unique sense of style.

Meet Nicole

Nicole is our Founder/Creative Director. She has a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT) in New York City. She has over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry including, interning at Kenneth Cole, Product Development at Tommy Hilfiger, and Merchandising at the Asia Society Museum. She also  owned an online children's boutique, Tyler & Madison. Nicole's focus is making sure the best quality fabrics are sourced and that all styles are the most comfortable for our customers. She want all girls look and feel great while dressing age appropriate. Nicole wants the Sūmatoo logo and brand to represent fun, trendy, and unique looks; amazing quality with great comfort; and most importantly, empowering and encouraging young girls to know their worth!!

Meet Madison

Madison is our Assistant Designer and one of our models. She is 12 years old and has always had a knack for fashion. She works with our Creative Director(also her mom) to bring you fun and practical pieces that can be worn everyday and are comfortable. Madison is the original Sūmatoo girl. She is a straight A student who loves to read and enjoys making crafts. She is a competitive USAG Junior Olympic gymnast. Madison also has her own dog treat business Tons of Treats. Madison aspires to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

 Be Unique. Be Trendy. Be YOU